Changing My Attitude


Our attitude, the way we react to any event does have an impact on us.  This morning, I faced some challenges at work.  I let those negative circumstances impact my whole morning.  Everything went wrong until I decided to pause and redirect my thoughts.   After reflecting for a moment, I came to the conclusion that I could only control myself and not my surroundings.

Focussing On The Positive

Once I decided to focus on my own feelings, things fell into place.  I was able to manage my day and stopped negativity from dragging me down.  Someone pointed out that my positivity was like disconnecting myself from our work reality.  Actually, I was more connected to reality as I knew it was a temporary situation and did not let it negatively affect me.  My philosophy was simply to adapt and move on as I could not change what was happening.

Taking myself out of the situation that I cannot control is not easy and requires practice and patience.  I have learned to respond rather than react to any difficult moment.  I’ve learned no matter my circumstances, to remain positive and calm.  A positive attitude always makes things easier. 

Sometimes, things may be different from what we envision, therefore we need to try a new approach.  It is imperative to learn to handle negative with positive.  We must accept the fact that we can’t change everything, but we can only change our attitude.


  1. I so agree with this. I made a mental change a few months ago and noticed a big change in my life and relationships. Being positive and focusing on the positive is so much better!

  2. I am in definite need of an attitude adjustment. I love the idea of just taking a second to redirect your thoughts and realize you cannot change what happens, but how you feel about it.

    • Amanda, doing so makes things easier, because so many times, we are facing situations that we can’t control, we just have to adapt, find a solution, and move on.

  3. Oh man, I needed this today. We had a rough morning here with my boys (it stormed last night so they were awake a lot so we are all tired and cranky) and I was getting upset with them, but I can’t control how they feel, only myself. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. I agree with you 100%. Before, I was also let negativity drag me down. For me, that is the best thing I can do “disconnect from reality” to put your head in mind set of productivity. I love this article ☺️

    • One of my mottoes also, Marcela, is to never meet someone at their negativity level. My positive attitude will always take over any situation.

  5. I do believe if we change our way of thinking and think more positive our wellbeing and health will improve. If we model the behavior on a regular basis we may be able to live the lifestyle regularly with less focus because it will be second nature.

  6. It is definitely hard to remove yourself sometimes from the emotions swirling around you. You really to focus on the positive and do the things that make you happy and then it will be easy to express those emotions for others.

  7. AMEN! This is like the whole “speak it into existence and it will change”. We’re a military fan and SO MANY THINGS and situations suck. But we always have to keep a positive mind or else this lifestyle swallows you up whole.

  8. I was just talking about this tonight with mt daughter. We can’t change how people act, what we can change is how we react or think or feel. So important to realise this.

  9. I have come to realize my attitude reflects on how my day will be but I too after forget that. Normally it comes as an after thought. Lately however I’ve been trying to remind myself of this when I’m feeling down or upset. I start thinking about the good things in life and my hopes and dreams.

  10. Wonderful post!! I need to take notes on this. I tend to get upset and down very easy about little things. Mind over matter, mind over matter.

  11. Round of applause! This is SO true! Our attitude and how we respond to things definitely has a long-lasting impact. Being positive isn’t always easy, but it sure does make me feel better. I allow myself the chance to vent for no more than 5 minutes. After that I’m like, Tiff, move forward. Don’t dwell. I take a breath and do just that.

  12. I really needed this today. How we react to situations completely relies on our attitude, and we have to choose how we want to live each day.

  13. I love your posts. It always opens up my mind and makes me remember that there is positive out there. Needing to change your attitude in certain situations can always change from negative to positive.

  14. Re-evaluating and thinking about attitudes and actions can be so important for one’s outlook! We all should have this mindset more often.


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