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Saying goodbye to 2017

2018 is 3 days away and I can’t help but be thankful for 2017 regardless of the many challenges that I had to overcome.  I am still blessed and grateful for whatever happened this past year.  Those obstacles made me discover hidden inner strength. I...

Our purpose

I recently did a presentation for my team about “working on purpose” which was one of the topics debated in our company culture ambassador summit.  Just being able to do the presentation for the staff meeting was a great accomplishment for me.  I overcame...

Happiness at the park

Is your happiness conditioned to something?  Are you waiting to get a promotion at work to be happy?  Are you going to be happy only when your bank account is full or when you buy that house?  Are you waiting for a prince charming...

The choice is yours

Our life is the result of the daily decisions simple or complex that we make.  Some of us act automatically without taking time to put things into perspectives.  Certain decisions can have consequences that affect our lives negatively. Too often, we make those unfortunate choices...

Just one step

We have big dreams and great ideas. Unfortunately, some of us never bring those ideas to life because we are so scared of failing. Our beautiful dreams stay dormant inside of us and are never given a chance to see light. Every day, we...


After spending this beautiful Thanksgiving weekend with my family, I cannot help but to pause, take a deep breath, and just be thankful for all those beautiful sights, sounds, and emotions that I am blessed to live and witness. Often, we are taking for granted...

Fallen heroes

Someone mentioned today that we have so many fallen heroes this year. This thought led to some deep reflection. Are these people real heroes, or are we putting them on a pedestal because they have the power that we choose to give them?  To...

Does time matter?

Are we waiting for the perfect time to take action towards our dreams? There is no perfect time, it is just a notion which we can never control or explain.  I am still puzzled and try to understand how some can say they have...

Like a child

When we were children, we had beautiful dreams, hope and we believed that we could conquer the world. As we become mature, and transition to adulthood, our pure innocent spirit is broken; hope and joy are replaced by doubt and fear. That wild imagination that...

Only this moment matters

Life is a magnificent journey, a wonderful gift that some of us are taking for granted.  Often, we are waiting for extraordinary things to happen, and we forget that an extraordinary life is made of those little moments or actions lived or taken daily....

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