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May 16, 2021
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About to say goodbye to 2019

I am ready to say goodbye to 2019. But before doing so, I must take a look at the journey I took this year to appreciate all the stops I have made.  A lot has happened that I did not understand and did not...

December 2019, counting my blessings

And just like that, we are in December 2019 The year 2019 flew by, and I cannot believe we are at its last month. It was such an incredible year for my family and me. We are thankful for everything and will not let the...

Thankful for the journey, celebrating 2 years of blogging

Today, we are celebrating Thanksgiving.  I want to take a moment to thank you all my fellow bloggers who have been on this journey with me for those past 2 years.  I am blessed to have this virtual corner where I share with you...

November 2019, adopting an attitude of gratitude!

October is gone, and November is now laying out before us, full of inevitable changes and beautiful promises. Only a few days before 2019 ends, and I am still in disbelief of how fast the year flew by. Today, instead of facing the challenges that...

You are not alone!

So many people are suffering in silence, not knowing that they are not alone in their battles I have learned to reach out, to become an ear without judging, without talking. I have learned that sometimes, the greatest pain can be hidden behind the most beautiful...

October 2019, let’s be inspired and inspire others

Besides the cooler weather and earlier sunsets, October has been my special month for the past 23 years as I celebrate my daughter's birthday. On a beautiful and colorful Thursday like today, I gave birth to my firstborn, my lovely daughter Youricka. Being a...

The Journey is ongoing!

September is slowly slipping away and the year is moving toward its end.  My search for growth and fulfillment is still ongoing. I know that personal growth takes time and it’s not achieved in one day. Therefore, I continue to improve my habits and...

September 2019, change is in the air!

I guess I was still holding onto August.  I was closing my eyes tight and did not want to admit it’s September 2019.  I can no longer hide; I have to move on with time. The summer is changing into fall, the leaves will turn...

Be the Miracle!

Last night, my daughter was convinced that her homework was too hard and she would not be able to finish on time. I sat by her and reminded her that she’s great and could do it. Although I tried to instill her with some confidence, she...

Let’s Talk about Wellness….

Did you know that August is wellness month?  As we are ready to start anew while enjoying this last summer month, let’s take the time to focus on self-care, manage our stress level, and promote some healthy habits. As a mother and a nurse, I...

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