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October 24, 2021
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My two words for the year 2021

I can’t believe we are already on the last week of January. Reflecting on this first month of the year 2021 brings light to ways to live my life with purpose and gratitude. Reconnect and balance are the two words that I chose to...

January 2021, a new beginning

We said goodbye to 2020, a year where so many have experienced uncertainty, vulnerability, and loss.  We have learned, we have grown, and now we are ready to start anew.  A brand-new year, a new beginning, new possibilities, and an opportunity to look to...

Putting 2020 behind!

During this holiday season, I would like to take a moment to reflect on my year, what I have accomplished, and what I have failed to do.  The first two months, I was eager, determined, and working towards my goals with passion.  Then Covid-19...

December 2020, let’s be grateful and kind!

Just like that, we are in December, the last month of the year 2020.  This year surprised us and shattered so many dreams.  Most importantly, 2020 is the year that has made some of us stronger, more resilient, and more hopeful than ever. Usually, December...

November 2020, let’s celebrate

Happy 3rd Birthday Marjiesimpleword It seems like it was only yesterday when I decided to start blogging. What an amazing journey these past 3 years have been. I am so blessed to have created this venue to set my mind free.  I have been sharing...

It is beautiful after the storm

Last Saturday, I was driving down highway 75, and suddenly it started storming.  The rain was so heavy and it was so dark, I could not see in front of me. All the cars were driving so slowly, finally, I managed to pull over.  If...

September 2020, let the struggles be our gifts

Although we are still attempting to live through the new norms created by Covid-19, it is still a struggle for many to adapt.   Back to school is not as seamless as it used to be as a lot of parents are opting for online...

June 2020, hoping for a new beginning!

June 2020 can be a new beginning filled with new hope leading to new opportunities and new results! It’s indeed a new month, and as much as I can’t believe we are in June; I still cannot grasp what’s going on around me since the year...

May 2020, a month of love

The month of May is usually described as the month of love.  We celebrate and honor the beautiful mothers all around the world.   The first week of May is dedicated to all the caring nurses, and I am proud to be one of them. The...

Letting Faith and Hope guide me

For the past year, I’ve been planning a beautiful family trip to Europe for my upcoming birthday. My kids were excited about it, and I thought there could be no better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than to visit London, Paris, and Italy....

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