Birthday Breakfast

Birthday Breakfast Table

Today 1/28, it’s my husband’s birthday, when I woke up, I was surprised to see both my girls already in the kitchen.  They told me that they are in charge of breakfast to go back to bed.  I went right back to my room to enjoy another 30 minutes of free time.

Baked Omelet

I was pretty pleased to see the girls set the table. They made my special baked omelet which I will share the recipe another time as I don’t want to take credit for their cooking.

Baked Omelet, Croissant, Apple Juice, Guava Juice

It was simple, joyful and thoughtful and he was very happy.

Waffle, Sausage, and Bacon
Sugared Strawberries and Blueberries

They have tried their best to make his day special.  They love to have waffles with sugared strawberries and blueberries.

After washing the berries, they cut the strawberries into pieces.  They put them in the bowl,  they pour some lemon juice and add sugar.

Birthday Breakfast by my daughters

This is the final look of their hard work.  It was simple and beautiful.  I hope you agree with me that the simplest thing can have a lasting impact.  We’re very proud of our girls Youricka and Yanah.


  1. What sweet girls to make their daddy such an awesome breakfast! That looks amazingly delicious, they did a wonderful job! I can’t wait for the baked omelet recipe, it sounds like something my husband would love as well.

  2. what a great breakfast to make for someone to enjoy on their bday (or any day really!) I would love to eat each of those amazing foods… my love goes to omelettes and waffles most ; ) YUM! glad it was fun and tasty too!

  3. Happy birthday to your husband, MarjieMare these looks really nice, I hope you guys saved some for the homeless and the less previledged..

    And your decor are really illuminating and inspiring!!

  4. Your husband’s birthday breakfast looks delicious! I’m sure it was even more special because your girls prepared it. These memories are priceless! Can’t wait until my daughters are old enough to tell me to go back to bed.

  5. That breakfast looks yummy! I do believe sometimes it is not the gift that is received, but the thought behind it that can have a lasting impression. Happy belated Birthday to your Husband.

  6. Wishing your hubby a very happy birthday and how lucky you both are to have such thoughtful daughters. Its these little things in life that makes so much difference. Hope he had the best day.

  7. what a great post, loved the table setting and never thought that an omelet could be baked, I am going to hav to try that soon. Someone had a great birthday breakfast , great way to start the day


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