Back To Reality, it’s September


Can you believe it’s already September?  Where did summer go? Why is this year flying?  I can’t answer those questions, can you?


Back to reality

I guess it’s indeed back to real time.  It is also back to school.  For me and most of us, it’s back to the frantic, hectic pace of life.  Remember in the midst of all the craziness, take a minute to pause, be thankful, and appreciate those little moments that make life special.

Back to reality means it’s normal to question yourself or have a little doubt.  Once you find an answer to your question, create a plan and find ways to achieve your goals.  If you are still dreaming, know that you have what it takes to make that dream becomes a reality.  Take a step and make it happen.  Focus on that first step only, follow your path.  It is expected to find some bumps in the road.  If you fall, it is still okay, shake the dust off, and move on.

Back to reality is acknowledging that challenges are a process and you should be ready to overcome them.  There is always an opportunity to grow at each trial.

Tampa Bay, Florida

I am saying goodbye to summer, my favorite time of the year, my daughter is starting school in 2 days.  It is a new beginning for my family and I. We are ready for new opportunities.  I am up to for any challenges coming my way, and I am determined to grow stronger and better.

Regardless of your expectations for this month, I hope you embrace life with positivity, hope, joy, and peace.

Happy Month of September!


  1. This time of year definitely feels like a time of new beginnings. It’s the end of summer and back to often a very hectic pace but there is still so much to be grateful for in getting back to routines.

  2. Thanks for the motivation. I always looks forward to a season’s beginnings. It just fills my soul with loads of hope. Fall is my favorite season and the changing colors of the leaves remind me that I too can change to adapt to a situation when I am faced with one.

  3. August/September brought big changes for us, too. My oldest started kindergarten so it’s been a big adjustment here. While we had a fun event-filled summer, it’s nice to get back to a set schedule for us all.

  4. Aww what a lovely reflection. We live in such a fast paced world that it’s important to pause and appreciate the moments and people we are thankful for. Sending positive hugs your way!

  5. In our hectic daily routines it is important to take a moment to appreciate all aspects in our life. A positive mindset will create positive vibes. I wish your daughter good luck at school.

  6. Love the positivity you give off in this post. For me, it’s always been easy to get into the swing of making big plans for myself around this time of year. That attitude of “new school year, new goals” must still run deep in my psyche, even after graduating from high school.

  7. This is a great post.. Summer is truly a great season, but we all know Fall is the best, lol! *coming from a Libra woman* I hope your daughter enjoys her school year.. My son has been back in school for about 3 weeks now and so far so good!

  8. I used to have this sentiment of “back to reality” when I lived in my home country and I was a student. Summer break lasts for about 3 months there! Now, as a working mom, I place my children in what is called “summer school” in Switzerland. The summer break lasts for only 5 weeks and we only take 2 weeks off for vacations. So I shall say in this stage of my life “reality” stays with me pretty much the whole year 🙁

  9. This is such a great reminder that we have so much to look forward to in Autumn! I loved Summer but I am so ready for the next season.


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