April, Season Renewal


I can’t believe today is April 3, 2018.  Where did time go? To me, the year only started yesterday yet today is the third day of the fourth month.

This month is particularly important to me, I call it “my renewal season”.   How do I define my renewal season? It’s simply a time that I am taking to pause, to assess and to reflect on all aspects of my life.  As mother, wife, daughter, and a nurse, I am so busy multitasking that I am not sure how I perform.  I do believe there is always room for improvement and taking time to reflect can lead to that better version of myself that I am striving for.

Warrinanco Park, April 1, 2018

Regardless where we are, we all need that renewal season to reach our next level.

Renewal does not mean we are going to start everything over; it simply means we must search for ways to grow and continue to perform to our maximum.

Warrinanco Park, May 2016

Do you see the difference in those 2 pictures, same park, different season

This month, I will renew

My marriage: after 23 years, it is easy to take each other for granted and let habit run the show.  I will appreciate more.  I will be more present and show more affection.

My family: What can I do to be a better mother to my 2 precious girls?  I will be more present in their lives and I will cherish every second spent together.

My career: Am I where I want to be? I just renewed my CMC and I am about to renew my nursing license, perfect timing.  I will strive to provide my patients the quality care they deserve. I am determined to learn more and continue to be a more compassionate nurse.

My friends: I will take time to call more instead of texting. I will show more gratitude.

My blog: After 5 months of blogging, I think there is a lot to learn and make it better.  I don’t know where to start.  I would love to hear your honest opinion on how I can improve my blog.  I am eager to learn from each of you who’ve been blogging longer than me.

Have you ever taken a time to pause and assess your life?  Which aspect of your life is in desperate need for a season renewal.  Would you like to join me and make this month a season renewal?

Share your thoughts with me.


  1. I love this i am too renewing life. I love hiw you broke your life uo in to the 5 mist important things to you. I would be intrested to know why you listed them in the order that they are in and how you chose each color per task. Even if you did it at random subconsciously it means something ♡ just would live to hear you dig deaper

    • Sarah, thank you for your comment. I randomly select those 5 aspects and the color. Now, you make me curious, to see if my random selection has a meaning.

  2. Cheers to new begginings and setting goals and making priorities and spring cleaning our lives! Perfect timing actually! I agree with Sarah above, maybe subconscously it does have a meaning 🙂

  3. I absolutely love this idea! A quarter of the year has already passed, and it’s a great time to assess what we’ve done and where we are going for the year. My family has so much planned, but it helps to take a step back to breathe sometimes.

    • Absolutely, Stephanie, we still have time, to breathe, assess, and make this year one of the best years of our life.

  4. what a beautiful article to read. This comes to me at the perfect time. I am going to re-join work after maternity leave and this motivates me to set new goals for personal/professional life and maintain the new balance after the change 🙂

  5. This was a great read! I don’t take the time out I should to pause and assess life. Sometimes I feel like we are so busy trying yo accomplish everything we forget about the small things! Stepping back and reflecting is necessary. Your post was a great reminder to be intentional about to creating time to reevaluate things.

  6. Renewal is necessary. I do it while writing my monthly evaluation as well. It is a good practice to keep and help keep one accountable for the future!

  7. I love this idea. I think taking some time to reflect and try to improve in different aspects of our lives is important. It allows us to grow and see how far we have come.

  8. Thank you for bringing this up. I believe that I need a renewal season since I tend to get overwhelmed with everything happening. Taking some time to pause, to assess and reflect might the one that I really need.
    Thank you for the inspiration, Marj. It’s a good wake up call for me.

  9. It must be something about April because I am going through a life renewal right now. We all need that time to reflect on what we are grateful for and what we need to work on. Love this post!

  10. Spring is such a great season and it really all starts in April with the budding of flowers. I do like you see it as a season of renewal which means renewal in everything from life to commitments and everything in between.


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