April 2020, a purposeful month!


March 2020 is gone, and I am so grateful it is over.  The events happening have tested our strength.  They have brought us closer, and they have made some of us more resilient.  I am hopeful that things will settle soon.

Some of us may be feeling stuck and perhaps we don’t see a way out.  I am trying to make sense of our new reality as well. I don’t understand, but I trust there are better days ahead.

While all this tumultuous time created by COVID-19 is ongoing, let’s take a moment to reflect and reset our vision.  I know it might be difficult, but together let’s pause and identify which areas in our lives need to be changed and which areas can benefit from some help.  Do not let ourselves be consumed by anxiety and stress.

I purposely chose to find some joy as I was reflecting and figuring out which direction to take.   Together we can take a minute to reassess and recharge.  Once we are done, we can seek new opportunities and look for new options.  We will not be defeated by this Covid-19 virus.

As the uncertain time continues to unfold, we need hope to help us navigate safely.  My hope is that together, we will go higher even though we don’t understand what is happening.  Hopefully, we will find a successful way to handle the situation and decipher what life is asking us.  I know it’s difficult but try to purposely find joy in the little things.

Together let’s make April a purposeful month.


  1. I agree that we should make April a purposeful month. We might be stuck at home(a lot of us) but we can do a lot of learning and growing from inside.
    Thank you for the inspiring post!

  2. I’ve been purposely choosing happiness myself because happiness is a choice, no matter the situation.
    Thank you for this reminder.

  3. The first quarter of this year is tough, and now we reach the 2nd. Hope nature will give us a little rest.

  4. With everything that is happening around us now, living with purpose will definitely be the way to go. We now know better which things to pursue moving forward.

  5. It’s so true, it all depends on our perspective and outlook. I’ve had my hard days, my rough days, the days I just want to cry. But we are getting into a routine here with the kids school and working from home and figuring it all out. So many fun things have been canceled, but we are looking forward to a time that we can spend with family and friends again.

  6. I really love this. I should absolutely make it a purposeful month. I am feeling a lack of purpose right now.

  7. I really love the positivity you have spread over here in such a stressful condition. We all need a purpose in order to stay cool & stress free in this situation. Great post!

  8. I hope for your sake, Marjie, that at least some of the lovely flowers you picture here are from your own yard! That is one of the things that is keeping my spirits bright in these uncertain times.

  9. April will be a happy month for us in some way. We will be spending more time together with my family. Those pictures are so beautiful.


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