Soup Joumou


Every January 1st, “Soup Joumou” is a must for us Haitians.  My mother even began cooking hers on New Year’s Eve.  My children love it and my non-Haitian Friends have been enjoying it.

Soup Joumou

Apparently, the root of our soup Joumou, which is squash soup, dated way back to our independence in 1804.  It seems like Haitian slaves were not allowed to have that soup; only the masters could eat it.  When we obtained our independence in 1804, the slaves were finally able to consume that delectable soup.

My mom’s soup Joumou

As far as I know, wherever Haitians reside, you will find a huge pot of Soup Joumou on New Year’s Day.


  1. This soup looks amazing! I’ve never heard of the tradition, and love learning about other culture’s food. We don’t have a traditional New Years meal in my family.

    • It is very flavorful Stephanie. I do enjoy learning about the culture and tradition of different ethnic groups. I am also a foodie who loves to try different food.

  2. I’ve eaten this soup before and it tastes so delicious, especially with bread! I can never get enough of it! It is so interesting to see how Haitians carry on this tradition to celebrate their independence. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your culture with us. Maybe I should learn how to make this soup and share it with my friends 🙂

  3. With it so so cold right now we are all eating all the soups! This one looks so delish. Last night we made traditional Kimchi Jjigae and this time of year a good stew really hits the spot!

    • Lauren, I would love to taste your traditional Kimchi Jjigae soup. I will try to google the recipe, and who knows, it will be in one of my posts. Stay warm.


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