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August 7, 2020
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Coq au Vin for the Perfect Birthday Celebration

This year has been challenging for everyone.  As the world continues its battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives will be changed forever.  Moments...

Honey Chicken

My older daughter is unable to work due to Covid-19.  She is a speech therapist and works in the school system.  Lately, she’s been...

Chicken Moutard with Fried Plantain

This post contains an affiliate link.  Please read my Disclosures for more information. What better way to end this beautiful holiday weekend than a nice family dinner...

Stephanie’s Delightfully Tangy Chicken Piccata

Today, I am honored to share Stephanie’s Delightfully Tangy Chicken Piccata.  I have been following and making her recipes for a while and was...

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