Speak and Act Wisely


From personal experience, I know there are days where everything seems to go wrong.  On those days, it’s so tempting to project our frustrations to others.  I have learned not to let life’s hurdles change my caring nature.

Have you ever had those days, where negativity seems to rank high, and we tend to strike back either verbally or in some other way to anyone who crosses our path?  Let’s remind ourselves that we are bigger than any challenge.  Although it can be difficult, let’s make an effort to remain kind and positive.  We can take a walk or take a deep breath to let that negative energy dissipate. 

We must always try to say the right thing and hold off any unforgiving word that we might regret.  Regardless our state, try to make every encounter meaningful and always behave lovingly. If we did not like the way someone treated us earlier, do not repeat the scenario.

If we are annoyed or upset, remind ourselves that we can still try to be good to others.  Whatever we are going through will pass and we don’t have to behave the same way as the person who causes use pain earlier.   We must resist the temptation to be unkind.  We must always speak and act wisely.


  1. I am so grateful you wrote this today. It’s definitely been one of those weeks for me and I have been working on curbing my voice so it doesn’t harm others. Not always easy but it’s good to have reminds to be kind.

    • It can be hard, Krystal, I have to remind myself, to take a deep breath, and sometimes, just walk away to keep calm and remain positive.

  2. Keeping the negativity at bay can be so difficult some days but reflecting on all the good and positive things helps to change my mindset and let me see the positives again.

  3. Hi MarjieMare, what a great outlook on life. The realization that “this too shall pass” is powerful. Having a positive outlook, and perspective, even when times are tough is hard, really puts everything into perspective.


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