“Get comfortable being uncomfortable that’s how you break the plateau and reach that next level”. Chalene Johnson

The Park

I can relate so well to today’s quote.  For so long, I was silent and felt comfortable that way until I realized, I needed to do something to improve myself.  I did not want to remain silent. I lost my voice when I moved to the U.S and I wanted to have my voice back.  I did not know how to overcome my fear of public speaking.  Then my best friend told me about joining Toastmasters and I listened.  It was so painful to leave my comfort zone but it paid off.  Today, I can say, it was the best decision of my life.  I have my voice back and I am no longer afraid to talk.

“To be outstanding, get comfortable with being uncomfortable” A. Koudenberg

I would love to hear what you did to leave your comfort zone.



  1. I have recently made a new friend in real life who I have been FB friends with for a while. My anxiety and fear of judgement has been near crippling and I’ve allowed it to hinder me for far too long. Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and she cried out that she felt alone.

    I’ve visited with her 3 times this last week. She’s an hour away and I have 4 kiddos so my anxiety has been full steam ahead. But me pushing myself out of my comfort zone has really grown me as a person in such a short time. The joy in her face! Her face is relaxed (not just from our fellowship though). My heart love cup is filled and the new friendship, I can feel, is going to last my lifetime!

    • Jaci, that first step you took to leave your comfort zone will make you discover a better and greater version of yourself.

  2. YES GIRL! Nothing better than getting that voice back! It’s always really scary for me to leave my comfort zone because failure scares the hell out of me, but I am so happy for you!

  3. I’ve always believed that the first step in moving forward in anything in life is to first believe that you can. Believing and seeing yourself doing things outside of your comfort zone make it easier to move toward those things without fear. Beautiful pics btw!

  4. I went back to work about 10 months ago and I recently accepted a promotion within the (medical) office I’m at. I’m not usually one to take the lead, I’d rather just be supportive of others in that role and do my part within a team. But I was already doing half of what the job entailed and I knew that I would be able to handle the rest of the job functions. So far so good though!

  5. I have heard of this group but certainly never joined it. I know it’s a great group, and the people in the group are friendly and helpful. Congrats on finding your voice.

  6. I was in Toastmasters for a couple years and I absolutely loved it. It’s amazing to work on your speaking skills in a supportive environment. It’s great that you’re doing it, that you find it’s helping and you find it enjoyable.

  7. Love that quote, love that picture, love that message! It’s really hard to step out of that comfort zone, but I’ve learned this year that it can be so rewarding <3

  8. Love that quote! I’ve never heard of toastmasters but sounds like a helpful and supportive group. So glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and found your voice. Very inspiring!

  9. It’s never easy to get out of the comfort zone. I am slowly working on it because I don’t like having photos of myself taken but I am working on getting myself more in the branding for my blog.

    • It’s not easy, Stephanie, but once we are ready to take the first step, things will fall into place. Your blog has a lot of beautiful pictures, but we can’t wait to see more pics of you.

  10. What a strong message and glad you came out of your comfort zone. No great things have been achieved without getting out of our comfort zone.


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