Just one step


We have big dreams and great ideas. Unfortunately, some of us never bring those ideas to life because we are so scared of failing. Our beautiful dreams stay dormant inside of us and are never given a chance to see light. Every day, we keep asking ourselves what if?  We will never know the answer if we don’t put the fear of failure aside and take the first step to achieve our goal.

When we look around, we see all these successful people that we admire; what do they have in common, “they all took the first step”. They were also afraid, but they were determined and took a leap of faith to make their dreams come true. What you don’t see besides their successes are the number of obstacles they overcame to reach to their final destination.

I have seen my two daughters falling as they were trying to walk, but they did not stop.  Their first steps were boisterous, they fell, they rose, and tried again until they were able to walk alone.  Keri Russel stated that “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”  I will say the smallest step you take toward your goal will bring you closer to achieving it. Most of the time, we are our own limitations and we don’t give ourselves the credit that we deserve. If you dream about it, you have a way to make it happen, you just have to believe and take that one step,

Follow your calling, take action to fulfill your destiny.  It is up to you to be bold and courageous to take that first step.

One step closer towards my dream


  1. This is such an inoperative post I love it. My goal for 2018 is stepping out of the box and my comfort zone, taking the first steps. When I start my blog I was so afraid what would people think because my mother tongue is not English.

    • Marcela, I had my doubts just like you when I started my blog this past November as English is my second language, but I would not let fear interfere with my goals. I am determined to do all it takes to make my dreams come

  2. It’s so true that we can be our own worst critics and let our fear limit us. It’s scary to think about failing, but it’s also scary to never take a leap and go for it!

  3. As usual with your blog, such true words! Simple, but so powerful! I hope everyone chooses to say less of WHAT IF and go out and do what they feel they were meant to do!

  4. Your posts are always so inspirational. You have a beautiful writing style. Thank you for sharing your words and insight. Sometimes the fear of failure holds us back from realizing our biggest potential. But “failing” is often the first step to succeeding, so there is really nothing to fear.

  5. I definitely love this. I believe we can be our own worst critic. The last thing I did that scared me I had to go head first and just let my feet follow. Thank you for sharing this, I needed the reminder!

  6. Taking that first step is the thing that holds you back the most. Making sure to just go ahead and move forward is the best thing you can do towards your goals.

    • Thanks Jake for your feedback, it’s good to inspire and help others. Sometimes, looking at the challenges to overcome can be overwhelming and at that time, we need positive support from others.


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