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January 28, 2020

Let It Go

I have gone thru pain and struggles.  I have grown and learned a lot through all those difficult moments.  The most important thing that I have realized is that pain has made me a better person.  I am neither resentful nor bitter.  Navigating through...

Welcome February

January is gone, and I can honestly say for the whole month, I have applied my two words: self-accountability and enthusiasm in anything.  It was a long month with a lot of ups and downs.  I have done everything with joy, positive intent, and enthusiasm. ...

Speak and Act Wisely

From personal experience, I know there are days where everything seems to go wrong.  On those days, it’s so tempting to project our frustrations to others.  I have learned not to let life’s hurdles change my caring nature. Have you ever had those days, where...


As a mother of two, a wife, a full-time nurse, and a daughter, I have to attend the needs of everyone and often I wish I had an extra hour but I know it’s impossible.  Therefore, in the midst of my crazy day, when...


You may think that I am naïve for always having that feeling of hope in my heart that things will always get better.  Hope is ingrained so deep in my heart and I just can’t help to believe that I will overcome any challenges...

We Are Enough

Have you ever had all these great ideas, but were so scared of failure that the ideas ended up dying?  Just know that you are not alone. Too often, we feel insecure and let great opportunities pass us by.  We are enough to accomplish anything...

My two words for 2018

For 2018, I am not making any new year’s resolutions, I have tried before and failed so many times.  I am planning to continue the quest for learning and growing.  Why will it be different this year?  I will make every day count and...

Saying goodbye to 2017

2018 is 3 days away and I can’t help but be thankful for 2017 regardless of the many challenges that I had to overcome.  I am still blessed and grateful for whatever happened this past year.  Those obstacles made me discover hidden inner strength. I...

Our purpose

I recently did a presentation for my team about “working on purpose” which was one of the topics debated in our company culture ambassador summit.  Just being able to do the presentation for the staff meeting was a great accomplishment for me.  I overcame...

Happiness at the park

Is your happiness conditioned to something?  Are you waiting to get a promotion at work to be happy?  Are you going to be happy only when your bank account is full or when you buy that house?  Are you waiting for a prince charming...

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