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September 30, 2020

Be Kind, Show Appreciation

A little appreciation goes far.  Showing a simple act of kindness can make a lasting difference in someone’s life.  We are so busy doing everything else that we don’t take enough time to reach out to others and show them appreciation. My daughter shared her simple experience...

April, Season Renewal

I can’t believe today is April 3, 2018.  Where did time go? To me, the year only started yesterday yet today is the third day of the fourth month. This month is particularly important to me, I call it “my renewal season”.   How do I...

Embracing Change

Witnessing the tension and anxiety that starting a new system created at work made me perplexed.  Everyone seemed so stressed which made me reflect on some previous personal experience where I was so scared of facing changes that I stayed in an unpleasant situation. I...

Just Be There And Listen

According to my friends, I always find the right words to tell people to lift them up, and many times I do. I always find encouraging words for one of my friends whose spouse was battling cancer.  Unfortunately, after many months of suffering, she...

March Is Here

Knowing that Spring is a few weeks away brings joy to my heart.  February is gone and so much has happened during this short month.  I had to make some major decisions in my life and I am hopeful the outcomes will be good. ...

Changing My Attitude

Our attitude, the way we react to any event does have an impact on us.  This morning, I faced some challenges at work.  I let those negative circumstances impact my whole morning.  Everything went wrong until I decided to pause and redirect my thoughts.  ...

My First Love

You dreamt about me and prayed that God brought me to your life You carried me and gave me life, You held me and gave me my first kiss You encouraged me and was there as I was taking my first steps You fed me, you washed me,...

Let It Go

I have gone thru pain and struggles.  I have grown and learned a lot through all those difficult moments.  The most important thing that I have realized is that pain has made me a better person.  I am neither resentful nor bitter.  Navigating through...

Welcome February

January is gone, and I can honestly say for the whole month, I have applied my two words: self-accountability and enthusiasm in anything.  It was a long month with a lot of ups and downs.  I have done everything with joy, positive intent, and enthusiasm. ...

Speak and Act Wisely

From personal experience, I know there are days where everything seems to go wrong.  On those days, it’s so tempting to project our frustrations to others.  I have learned not to let life’s hurdles change my caring nature. Have you ever had those days, where...

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